How To Correctly Install Batteries In Battery Operated Devices?

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Are you unsure how to attach the batteries to your battery-operated device? Which side is the negative? Which side of the battery is attached to the spring? It may not be easy to identify which side of a storm is needed for some electronic devices.

How to Correctly Install Batteries

How to correctly install batteries

There is no guide or illustration for the Positive + and Negative – signs. We’ll show you how to identify the best place to put the batteries, with or without an image or imprint on your Xbox, Xbox thermostat, flashlight, clock, thermostat, or remote control.

TIP: Place the negative (+) side on the spring side and the positive (+ side on the flat side).

Each end of every battery has a +/- sign. Two terminals are available for batteries: a positive (+) or a negative (-). This will tell you which end of the battery has a positive (+) or negative (-). An AA battery’s ends will have a positive (+) sign on one side and a negative (-). The flat end of an AA battery is the negative side, while the portion with the nub represents the positive + side. Check out the images below.

AA battery with +/- marked. The negative side has NUB.

The negative + side of the battery inserts the NUB side to the FLAT region in the device.

The negative side of the battery

Most battery-operated devices should imprint on the plastic or under the cover that shows you how to attach the batteries. This information is sometimes missing some devices, so we have listed the most popular way to install a battery. See the image below.

Remote control battery illustration

Most battery-operated devices that use cylindrical type round batteries (double AA, triple AAA, and C batteries) have the negative (flat) end attached to the spring. In contrast, the positive (side with a nob) connects to the positive. To keep the battery secure, the spring is located on the opposing end.

Install batteries in remote controls look for + and – symbols on your device. Match the batteries to the illustration

Installing a battery to +/-Match up Negative FLAT end battery to spring

Correctly installed batteries in the remote control. Negative battery FLAT SIDE to slight negative spring.

Do all batteries need to be installed in the same way?

Some toys and other battery-operated devices might have their batteries installed differently than what is described. Always check the back cover of your battery compartment for an illustration. If the description is absent, you can look for a plus sign to indicate where the batteries are. Most devices will have positive (+) and negative (-) indications for how the batteries should be installed.

Is the negative side of a lithium battery always on the spring?

Yes, on most battery-operated devices. The spring connects to the AA and AAA batteries by hooking to the opposing end. The spring holds the battery in place.

How to change the batteries in your device

You can insert the batteries according to the + or – symbols on your Xbox controller.

[embedded content] How to Change the Batteries in Your Xbox Controller

How to replace a thermostat battery

[embedded text]How to Change a Thermostat Batteries

You need help installing batteries in Xbox game controllers or thermostats. Are you unsure how to install batteries because the illustration of the battery installation is missing? We can help you by leaving a comment below describing your device and the type of battery you are trying to install.

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