May 26, 2022

What is Como tale VU imply?

By “como tale vu” I can just presume you imply “Comment allez vous”, as that is the closest thing to the expression you have actually inquired about. It implies “how are you doing”, utilizing the official French register. You would most likely utilize this expression for complete strangers or your employer at work or something of the sort.

Do you speak English in French language?

If you wish to state “Do you speak English?” in French, you have 2 choices. The very first is the formal/polite variation, “*Parlez-vous anglais ?” The other is the more unwinded casual phrasing, “Parles-tu anglais? *

Is Duo American in French duolingo?

Usually in french we exchange pronoun and verb just. However in truth, oftentimes, the pronoun is itself the topic. However not in“Is Duo american?” Here, you can not state in french “Est Duo américain?”, since Duo is not a pronoun.

How do you state I speak a little French?

The appropriate method to state this would be “je parle un petit peu francais” or “I speak a little french”.

How do you present somebody in French?

To present another person, your spouse for instance: Je vous présente Fabienne, ma femme. Let me present you my spouse, Fabienne … It can be utilized to present yourself or to present somebody.

  1. Je me présente: Xavier Renault.
  2. Il présente sa femme à ses amis.
  3. Il leur présente sa femme.
  4. Nous présentons Robert à nos moms and dads.

How do you present a pal in French?

Response. Now if you need to present another person, your buddy for instance, you will state: Je vous présente + name of the individual you are presenting.

How do you state your age in French?

To ask somebody’s age, you would state:

  1. Quel âge avez-vous? How old are you, utilizing vous.
  2. Tu as quel âge? How old are you, utilizing tu and a street French colloquial concern kind.
  3. Quel âge a-t-il? How old is he (official method of asking)
  4. Elle a quel âge? How old is she (casual street French method)