Is TNT more powerful than dynamite?

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Is TNT extra highly effective than dynamite?

As for TNT, it is also a excessive explosive, however it ain’t dynamite. … Though not fairly as highly effective as dynamite (and tougher to detonate), the primary good thing about TNT is that it is much more steady than dynamite (Wilbrand, for example, by no means misplaced a single brother to an explosion).

What does TNT stand for in dynamite?

TNT is outlined as an abbreviation for the explosive trinitrotoluene. An instance of TNT is the compound utilized in dynamite.

What’s the full title of TNT?

Tri Nitro TouleneWhat is the complete type of T.N.T.? – Quora. T.N.T is an acronym for Tri Nitro Toulene. TNT), or extra particularly 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene, is a chemical compound with the system C6H2(NO2)2CH3.

What’s TNT made out of?

TNT is made by including 3 NO2 teams (from nitric acid) to toluene. At low temperatures, the mononitrotoluenes are made, and because the response temperature is elevated the dinitro compounds are shaped, till ultimately TNT is shaped. TNT is explosive for 2 causes.

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