May 26, 2022

Is it possible to touch your elbow with your tongue?

If at this moment, you can’t touch your tongue to your elbow, stop. This stretch will get your elbow as close as possible to your mouth aspossible If you can’t, it’s due to the fact that your arm is too long and no quantity of extending will make it occur.

Why can’t you feel when somebody licks your elbow?

If you feel your elbow you observe that you do not have any feeling of touch there. This is due to the fact that the elbows are really exposed and nerves would for that reason simply remain in the method. … So when somebody lick your elbows you do not feelit That is till they touch the locations that have nerves.

How can I lick my own?

The 20-year-old from Florida is a contortionist– however it isn’t her body-bending abilities that allow her to perform this impressive task. She has an extremely long tongue and can lick not just her elbow, however likewise her eye. And the pointer of her nose– and yes, up either nostril.