Are Tatsuya and Miyuki really siblings?


  • Are Tatsuya and Miyuki really brother or sisters?
  • Are Miyuki and Tatsuya dating?
  • Is Tatsuya more powerful than Miyuki?
  • Why does Miyuki kiss Tatsuya?
  • Does Maya Like Tatsuya?
  • Does Tatsuya like Miyuki?
  • Does Miyuki Shiba pass away?
  • How old is Shiba Tatsuya?
  • Is Miyuki a clone?
  • Who is Taurus silver?

Are Tatsuya and Miyuki really brother or sisters?

The reality that they’re genetically various to brother or sisters isn’t unexpected to anybody. And by the method it’s not that Tatsuya and Miyuki aren’t still associated, they’re simply unrelated carefully enough for it to produce problems in their offspring.

Are Miyuki and Tatsuya dating?

Miyuki is Masaki’s romantic interest. At the exact same time in her own words, Miyuki does not feel any hostility or bias towards Masaki however she likewise does not feel any compassion or the smallest tip of romantic sensations too. As she is currently in love with Tatsuya and ultimately gets engaged to him.

Is Tatsuya more powerful than Miyuki?

In regards to damaging power, Tatsuya can damage the entire world, maybe even the entire planetary system. If Tatsuya and miyuki battle then, result will be draw. This is due to the fact that tatsuya would never ever damage miyuki whatsoever. Tatsuya is certainly more powerful than miyuki.

Why does Miyuki kiss Tatsuya?

Simply put, the kiss on the forehead is performed in order to release Tatsuya’s seal so that he can utilize his complete power. The Yotsuba hesitates of Tatsuya’s power going out of control that he can damage the world. So the Promise was done to Tatsuya in order to restrict his power and Miyuki is his limiter.

Does Maya Like Tatsuya?

Maya’s real sensations about Tatsuya are that his abnormal capabilities can accomplishment over her own capabilities, which leads her to somewhat fear him. Nevertheless, she likewise reveals some factor to consider for him from time to time.

Does Tatsuya like Miyuki?

Miyuki is the only individual who Tatsuya naturally enjoys and his love for her is his only staying strong feeling. He sees himself as a tool developed particularly to guard Miyuki and considers it a benefit and an honor to be her Guardian.

Does Miyuki Shiba pass away?

Since Tatsuya conserved Miyuki from passing away after being shot in Okinawa, she has actually committed her life to him.

How old is Shiba Tatsuya?

Yes, he is still 17 years of ages in Volume 21.

Is Miyuki a clone?

Miyuki is a synthetic magician. She’s not a clone however she was born through synthetic insemination with a synthetic womb, Miya had actually simply brought to life Tatsuya and was too weak physically to bring another kid.

Who is Taurus silver?

Taurus Silver (トーラス ・ シルバー) is the distinguished and far renowned genius engineer who is stated to have actually advanced CAD software application innovation by nearly 10 years within simply one brief year. In Japan’s scholastic field of magic, Taurus Silver is considered as among the leaders when it concerns technical field.

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